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Dear guests,

And in the summer of 2022 we will face the challenge to combine a full summer vacation in COVID 19 situation.

Let's make it easier and TOGETHER!

Hotel Maria Palace works fully with all the requirements of the WHO and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. In order to protect and prevent our employees and our guests, we have introduced a number of measures. We would like to introduce you to some of them:

  • Disinfection dispensers are installed in the hotel at all main points

  • All our employees are vaccinated and go through daily body temperature control. Employees with flu-like symptoms are not allowed to work!

  • Plexiglas walls are installed at the hotel reception

  • We guarantee that all rooms and apartments are disinfected after the departure of guests and before the accommodation of the next, so please be patient in case of delay in cleaning the rooms.

  • Given the current situation, you may refuse cleaning of your room. Please inform the reception if necessary.

  • We use only approved and confirmed in use against COVID 19 preparations .

  • Each key card is disinfected and left for several days before the next use.

  • The food from the buffet is offered in compliance with all requirements and recommendations. One-way traffic is restricted. Please follow the instructions of our staff.

  • Keep a physical distance

  • Please wear your masks when taking food from the buffet

  • All machines and equipment in Lobby bar and in the Restaurant are disinfected on a schedule several times a day

  • Safety and health care is IMPORTANT for all of us. Let's be responsible TOGETHER!

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